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Traditional: Everything Old Becomes New Again

Figure 1: Quilt Auction Guide from Mid-Kansas MCC Relief Sale.

Figure 2: Beautiful appliqué and hand quilting.  One of the "top quilts" sold at
the Mennonite Relief Sale Quilt Auction, Hutchinson, Kansas, April 7, 2001

Figure 3: Nine-patch variation from Mennonite Relief Sale.

Figure 4: Exquisite detail and workmanship.  Also from the Mennonite Relief Sale.

Figure 5: Star and Chain (from Mennonite Relief Sale)

Figure 6: Double Irish Chain by Deb Schmidt (a miniature) 

Figure 7: Card Tricks (from Mennonite Relief Sale)

Figure 8: Log Cabin (from Mennonite Relief Sale)

Figure 9: Log Cabin variation (from Mennonite Relief Sale)