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Wesleyan University
Mathematics Department
Machine Shop

Ringling School of Art and Design
With Extra Special Thanks to:

Patrick Linhart for his Assistance with the Metal Prints

Luke Roman for his Animation support.

DFN Gallery, New Haven
Richard L. Davidman, owner
Jennifer Cestone
Patrick Rayner

Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven
Diane Svigals

website production

Elaine Sommers
Davidson Gigliotti
Brian Martinson
Carol King
Laura Lawson
Lori Merritt
Kean Dean
Leslie Lerner
Joan Morgan
Amy Harper
Bill Maxell
Marisa Joelson
Miklos Erdelyi-Szabo
Ginger Hill
Tommy Castelli
Ming-Tso Chien
Kate Rushin
Brent Collins
Dana Bowden
Jennifer McCall
Luke Roman

The TimeSculpture NYC Exhibition is dedicated in memory of

William Chappelle
Michael Hills

and all of the other social activists of the past millenium.

this has been an aedesign group internet production